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ProWeb Associates, Inc.

A Web, E-mail, Data, DNS Hosting Company

linux serversWhy do we do our own Hosting with our own data center, not a co-location? Again we are developers, to provide the vast number of options to our customers we need to control the hosting environment. We purchase and install enterprise class servers (Dell & IBM) certified to run the OS’s installed on them with software compiled and installed by us. Over 19 years of experience has taught us what to use how to make it secure and dependable. Why would we pay an outside company with less experience and know how to  limit what we can do…?

We also offer control panels for re-sellers, if you are a design firm and looking for a hosting company for your clients we can provide you automated abilities you may not have today through our control panels. Our typical server would run Linux and offer multiple versions of php, rails, mySQL, PostgreSQL, E-mail, Web-mail,  DNS with spam and virus detection software installed.

Our servers run multiple drives and management software to provide scheduled backup of files & hot rebuilding of storage if needed. Nothing is foolproof but years of experience has taught us to be prepared & what works. We have hardware installed to allow us remote access even when not in a operating platform & allow us to remotely power cycle servers and devices at will. All in an effort to maintain the highest uptime we can provide and maintain cost effective hosting platform. We also try to keep a full stock of duplicate hardware & drives in inventory at all times.

Need a new Linux server set up for your business? Let us know what you need, file-sharing, data, e-mail, intranet we can build one for you.